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Do you have something you’d like to share with us? We’d love to see your original content! We are accepting anything from articles, reviews, non-fiction/fiction pieces, poetry, essays, videos, short films, and scholarly essays about film and television! It’s free to submit and you might get the chance to see your work featured on our […]

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Spring Breakers (2012) Review

Spring Breakers By Benjamin Owens   For a film that perpetrates itself with the dangerous excesses of the Millennial generation, using drugs, sex, and depravity, eventually spiraling into a criminal underworld, Spring Breakers ironically takes several steps towards tameness when compared to Hormany Korine’s previous work like Gummo and Trash Humpers. Whether this is a […]

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Getting Trashy With Mike

  “Spookies (1986). One of my Favorite Movies of all time! It is so amazing… if you’re into things that aren’t. This movie starts off rough with a 13 year old kid named Billy who has run away from his family that has unfortunately has forgotten his birthday. He is also Being hunted by some […]

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Top Ten Lists

Over the last eighteen years, our staff has collected nearly 100 handmade lists of their favorite films. Their “Top Ten” choices in nearly 20 different categories, spanning the gambit from cult horror films to Scandinavian crime films to our favorite costumes, actors, and directors. Check it out below!  

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Maggie Corrigan

Maggie Corrigan Adventurer in Technicolor, Adrian’s long lost love child and one Marilyn Monroe impersonation away from the real thing, Maggie Corrigan is a film student and writer from Seattle, Washington. Since joining the Film Is Truth staff in 2014, she has an earned a Bachelor’s degree in the Fine Arts with a concentration in […]

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Eliott Glasser

Eliott Born and raised in front of the television, Eliott Glasser went on to attend film school and make movies of his own. In 2011, he graduated from Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA with a Certificate of Achievement in Film & Video Production. He currently writes, directs, edits, and acts in short films, […]

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Benjamin Owens

Ben Benjamin’s mother lovingly showed him Halloween and The Shining when he was five years old, which explains why he is now an unapologetic horror enthusiast and filmmaker. Currently the operations manager of Film is Truth, he worked for several years directing music videos/festival events for Revolutionary Productions, and before that was a manager and […]

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